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Work Manager 1.2

No Image Work Manager is your personal assistant, which helps you manage your tasks each day. Work Manager is a simple to use program which is designed to allow you to keep track of your activities in the most valuable manner. Order and arrange your tasks alphabetically and by any category so that you can work more efficiently and effectively. With one glance you can see all of the work which is on your desk and print tasks.

Checklist Software 5.306: Checklist Software helps you to easily manage your tasks and reminders
Checklist Software 5.306

tasks, reminders, and recurring tasks. Very efficient, clean, and easy to use. * Edit multiple tasks at once * Add multiple tasks at once * Cut/copy/paste tasks * Easily reorder tasks using drag and drop * The program can be set always on top * Track due dates and priorities * Create reminder for any of your tasks * Reminders can be snoozed * Recurring tasks, many recurring patterns supported * Color tasks by priority and other properties * The program

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tasks. Tomorrow`s tasks will only show up tomorrow. Customizable filters to organize and show tasks according to priority. When you want to list a tasks a number of days prior to the due date, you can set 2do2day to do that. By setting the number of days to display prior to the due date. The item will be formatted differently from the other tasks. You can easily distinct between the color coded tasks. Overdue tasks appear in bold red bold red letters

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To-do List 2.4.0

tasks always at hand. The intuitive interface of To-do List makes adding, deleting and editing tasks easy. Completed tasks can be checked off before finally being removed and the list can be quickly re-shuffled using drag-and-drop or keyboard shortcuts. Tasks can be created simply by pasting text from other Windows applications into To-do List, similarly tasks can be copied out of To-do List into other applications. A printing facility means you

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Organise your tasks in a hierarchical tree so you know how much you have done, and how much you haven`t! Quickly add and remove tasks, check them as finished, print out your lists, prioritise tasks and even add notes! ToDo even helpfully remembers the last .todo list you had open and reloads it for you on startup.

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Outlook Task 1.1: Create a set of tasks from the Outlook task folder
Outlook Task 1.1

With Outlook Task program you can create the set of tasks you need - you can list tasks related to some project, category, person, due date or even to a keyword. Using a wide variety of parameters, it`s easy to obtain a summary of tasks for today or this week. Outlook Task is a great way to manage large numbers of tasks in the Task folder by having a list of the most relevant tasks readily available.

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Blaxton Pet Organizer Lite 2.7: Blaxton Pet Organizer - all your pet information in one place
Blaxton Pet Organizer Lite 2.7

Blaxton Pet Organizer is designed to keep all your pet related information and tasks in one place. Tasks such as booster vaccinations, worming/flea treatments, etc. Files can be linked and/or attached to any record as required; these could include scanned images of certificates, vaccinations, etc. The user can see what tasks are due (or overdue!).

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